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Tess Chronicles: Messages from One Woman's Spirit Guide in Hypnosis (Visit 5)

The Tall Dark Familiar Stranger

This installment is part of a series. Type "Tess" in the search box to read the previous four posts.

As I was floating up away from the world and beyond the sky on my cloud mattress, I was surprised to notice beautiful glowing white angels underneath the mattress. They were working very hard, heaving and ho-ing, trying to lift me higher and higher. I said, ‘Have you guys always been there?” They said, “Yeah, you’ve just never noticed us before.” I then decided to go flying with them. We flew all around, dipping up and down.

Two of the angels took me underneath my arms, and in a forceful strong-armed way, “very unangelic,” led me to some place with a trellis and a pathway. They said, “Do you want to see the secret garden?” I said, “Yes, I’ve never been there.” They responded, “Then we’ll go this way.” They pulled open the trellis and I watched with amazement as they went through a small opening, easily. They said, “We can go anywhere and through anything.” It was my turn, but I couldn’t fit. I was trying to get through, but I kept getting hooked. I told them, “I can’t get through.” They nonchalantly responded, “Oh well, see ya later” They took off saying, “See you next time.”

I was frustrated trying to get unhooked, but I finally managed to free myself. Once free, I didn’t know which way to turn. I looked to the left and there was some guy digging a hole. He saw me look at him and said, “Go away.” It was creepy. As I looked to the right I noticed a very long path that had no end in sight. I became scared, afraid that I was trapped and I would never get out of this place. I didn’t know which way to turn and started feeling woozy.

Then I saw a stone bench. I thought, “Okay, I’m going to sit here and calm down and think this through.” There wasn’t anyone there. As I was sitting alone, a guy came out of nowhere. He was a bit eerie looking, dressed in a long dark brown robe with a hood, very monk-like. He was all dark. I couldn’t see his face, but he had extremely long limbs. He sat down and enthusiastically said, “Hi!” and I said, “Wow, you look really scary but you’re super nice. I feel like I should be scared of you, but I’m not.”

I told him he looked like the grim reaper. He was sitting back sort of sprawled out and relaxed, and responded, ‘Welllllll, not reeeeally. That whole grim reaper thing is kind of made up.”

He told me, “You don’t need to know who I am. Actually, you already do know. You’ve met me before. I said, “I have?” He said, “Yes, in a past life. You don’t remember which one.” I said, “I don’t remember you or your name.” And he responded, “You will.”

I said, “Oh, I keep forgetting when I’m here to ask if I can I meet my grandma. Is she here?” He said, “Yes, she’s here. Maybe next time.”

Tess then asked some questions that we had prepared for her before the session. I record these sessions and then type them up in her voice. I noticed that in this particular session there was a lot of time between her asking the questions, receiving the answers and relaying the information to me. She said that the answers were coming very slowly. The conversation felt very drawn out.

Tess asked:

“What is my life purpose?”

He showed me a scrolled piece of paper and I didn’t see any words on it, but he said, “Do you remember you wrote this before you came here?” and I said, “Nope.” He said,

“Well, no one really remembers their life purpose once they’re here because if they remembered it they would take a short cut and not go through the process, which is meant for learning and growth.”

He assured me, “You’re on the right path.

But you need to remember that this place you come to in hypnosis is real, and that it’s one with the world you perceive on earth. They aren’t separate; they are connected. 

(He showed her a picture of one on top of the other with a line between them, saying, “Everything is connected.”) 

You need to remind the world of this.” 

I asked, “But how do I do that?”

He said, “

Try to remember that everything is bigger than just you. That everyone and everything is connected.

Get past the old fear that people will laugh at you if you reveal this information.

(Tess still hasn’t told anyone, including her husband Mark, of her journeys.)

Try to remember the bigger picture of existence, then you can tell people more fearlessly, and the more people you tell, the more connected you are—to others and to this place.” 

“What are my lessons in this lifetime?”

“To eliminate fear.”

I said, “Why do you always say that? It’s so boring.”

He said, “But we’ll tell you it every time, we will say it 100 times until it’s gone. You need to get rid of fear and then tell people about this place. This is not in your imagination. It’s a very real place, just as your life on earth is real to you. The reason you need to tell people is because they don’t know that it exists. And they can’t find this place on their own. They don’t have access to this type of information. And they need to know. Most people can’t afford hypnotherapy or they can’t just go do it. But imagine if people could live their lives without fear, knowing that this place exists? If you tell other people that they can eliminate fear (and in particular a fear of death) then that’s what you have to do.

When you eliminate your fear, it will feel so good. And then you will be able to help others eliminate their fear. But first you must eliminate your own.”

I said, “I don’t know how that’s even possible!” I continued, “But don’t you tell lots of people this?”

“Yes, but the more people we tell the more people get to hear about it. We hope that people do something with the information; most people don’t, some people do. We can’t tell everyone because they’re not all ready to listen, but everyone is going to come here soon. (Tess felt waves of masses upon masses of people arriving at this place.) It’s all going to end up here, and wouldn’t it be nice for people to know that?”

I asked, “How can I create more success and abundance, like money?”

He quickly responded, “No, no, no.

Abundance isn’t about money; it’s about love.

You have it all wrong. Please remember this. When you have love, you have abundance. You have to have love first. And the more present you are, the more you will love, and the more you will have. If you are present and really listen to people they will tell you the things you need to hear. You have to really listen.

If you want to succeed, you must be present. And be careful with the words you say.”

I asked, “How do I have more success?”

He responded, “But don’t you already have success? Do you need more? Every year you will have more success, but you’ll always think you don’t have enough.”

He then said, “Now I’m going to lay out your life exactly as it’s going to be. Because isn’t that really what you want to hear?” He began to rattle off very quickly and emotionless, like a psychic reading, what was going to happen.

You’re going to be fine, your marriage will get stronger and stronger, and Mark will die before you, but you’ve always known that. (Tess always felt she would be left alone in her old age.) It won’t happen until you’re much older. Your children will be great (her two children are under 10 years old now). They won’t do drugs.

But you will have problems with your younger one. You’ll move houses in two years. You will be so happy with that house. You’ll feel lucky that you got it. You’ll stay in your business partnership for a while longer, a couple of years. I know you want to move on, but the time isn’t right yet. Mark will get a lot of success. You’ll get stronger as a couple. You’re on the same path together.(Though Mark doesn’t know of her hypnotherapy sessions and ability, he is documentary filmmaker and very much into researching life and self-improvement.) You will have more money and you’ll be able to do more things. Your parents will be around a long time. Don’t worry about them. Everything’s going to be fine.

I said, “I want to write children’s books.” He said, “You will.”

I asked, “Should you be telling me this stuff?” “He answered, “Well isn’t that what you really want to know? Don’t worry. All will be fine.”

I then told Tess it was time to end the session and led her back down to earth and into her body. Tess was completely taken by surprise by the fact checking run-through of her life. She seemed very animated after the session. More so than usual.

In terms of the life purpose question, I often regress people in hypnosis to before their incarnation, or their pre-incarnate state, to get a glimpse of their intention for their upcoming life. I hear things like “to forgive, to undo fear, to learn and to teach.” Undoing fear may seem like a boring answer, but imagine what the world would look like if we undid our collective fear?

Imagine what your life would be like if fear no longer held you back?

Not a fear of spiders or bees or public speaking or of flying or love or death. What would a fearless life look like? That is the question they are asking of us. That is the existence they asking us to seek.