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Perfect combination of psychology, scientific consciousness, and spirituality. Both sides of my brain are fully engaged and totally engrossed by this book. Powerful and life-changing.
— B. Arena
A gift in the form of a well-written and informative book. The result is a friendly, helpful, down-to-earth guide to waking up. Heartily recommend.
— S. Waite
I was blown away by this book. She has streaks where every sentence drops like a maxim for pages and pages.
— B. Karafiath, PhD


Are you ready to be who you were created to be? In this groundbreaking book, acclaimed board-certified hypnotherapist Cynthia Morgan brings together hypnosis and A Course in Miracles for the first time. Using these life-changing tools, she explains how our minds have become hypnotized by false beliefs and provides step-by-step guidance for awakening to true potential. 

You're Already Hypnotized is a unique blend of consciousness-expanding information and a powerful self-healing system, including a workbook of over 40 self-hypnosis sessions, a year's worth of daily reprogramming affirmations, and other tools that the author has used to transform the lives of thousands of clients. awaken. 


One of my most favorite books I’ve read! It’s extremely eye-opening!
— B. DeGroat
….like your favorite philosophy class, self help seminar and ethics panel rolled into one.
— K. Stuart