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May all beings be free of suffering. 

Join me in a daily 5-minute meditation for animal liberation.



Dear Friend,

Please join me in a daily 5-minute meditation for animal liberation. This practice is done in your own space and whenever it is convenient for you each day. I hope you will help me help the world awaken to a kinder, more gentle place for animals, and all beings. After all, there’s really only one of us here.

When large numbers of people meditate together with the same intention, the physical world positively transforms. Over 50 scientific studies have been done confirming the benefits of global meditation and it’s direct impact on everything in the world. A recent study published in Social Indicators Research showed an overall violent crime rate drop by 15% when 4000 participants participated in group meditation. 

Let's use our minds to end animal abuse! 

Choose any type of meditation by setting the intention of liberating all beings from suffering. Examples:

  • Visualizing a world free of animal suffering.

  • Repeating a phrase like, "Love to all animals" or "May all beings be free of suffering."

  • Dedicating your form of meditation practice to peace for animals.

  • Sending light to abused animals and their abusers.

  • Prayer that humanity awaken to their oneness with the animal kingdom.

  • Surrounding the world in divine energy or love.

  • Dedicating 5-minutes of your regular meditation practice to animal liberation.

This meditation practice occurs in your own mind, on your own time, in the privacy of your own space. Please give five minutes each day. You might enjoy downloading a meditation app to keep track of your progress or using your phone timer. 

Your light and love are needed here.

"Let animal liberation and peace begin with me!"

Thank you.