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I love your podcast! I’ve been reading ACIM on my own and it’s a bit challenging to understand at times. I love having you guide me through it and sharing your knowledge and understanding of it. It has made a huge difference. I’ve been listening everyday for a couple of weeks now and it’s a great way to start my day. Thank you!
— T.B.

I’ve been studying A Course in Miracles since around 2008. It had been awhile since I’ve read or studied the lessons and I wanted to get back into the Course. I’m loving starting at the beginning again with Cynthia. This gives me the discussion I need. Thanks for a great podcast!! Keep ‘em coming!!
— Lizey

I am so thankful for your podcast! You have a wonderful way of speaking and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that observation. Thank you!
— Marguerite

I am so grateful to you and your brilliant podcast that, each week, mysteriously holds the perfect answer to whatever conflict my ego is tangled up in.
— Alana

Excellent podcast. I am so happy I stumbled upon it. The way you break down the text in everyday language allows me to relax and just let my anxiety go...I feel like a friend is talking to me, and you have brought greater and deeper understanding to the text. When you talk about your own personal experiences with ACIM...this makes you relatable and I love that. Again, that puts my anxiety to rest. And when you answer a question or explain a concept and you say “hope that I didn’t confuse you” please rest assured that your explanations are NOT confusing. In fact quite the contrary, your explanations are very clear and very helpful. So I just want to say a big THANK YOU and to let you know you really really do touch people’s lives with your words and that your podcast is helping many.
— Nadine

I just discovered your Course in Miracles podcasts and I’m captivated; thank you for doing this! Your delivery really resonates, they are really making a difference. They’re just the right length and delivered in a succinct way that reinforces just enough so one gets it, but its not repetitive.
— Cari

l have been listening to 3-4 podcasts a day since I found them. Your podcasts have helped me get to a new level of love and understanding of the Course. I am on #038 now and looking forward to every walk I take while I listen to your podcasts. I particularly appreciate the first few chapters because I always found those challenging to explain. So much appreciation that you took the time and love to do this. Thanks again and much love.
— Liz

I want to thank you for this wonderful podcast. This is the 3rd time I’m trying to study the course and finally I’m starting to understand. I started a few weeks ago and I am on podcast 38 and moving fast to catch up. Thank you thank you course friend.
— Juana

Thank you so much for this podcast! I’m so grateful that I started listening. I love the way you lead us simply through the material. My fears of diving deeper into the Course have subsided and when they pop back up I can look at them now as what they ego fighting for survival. Don’t ever stop recording these!
— Jim

I had a hard time finding the time and energy to read ACIM. Although it always has a calming effect on me, I don’t get to read it enough. Thanks to your podcast, I study ACIM in the car going to work. 25 episodes in, I am a big fan, thank you so much Cynthia! Please don’t stop!
— Fil

What I love about Cynthia’s podcast is that she obviously has a passion for the material and that comes through beautifully. She also has found a wonderful balance between being articulate and clear while at the same time infusing stories and experiences both personal and those from her work as a hypnotherapist. I spend a lot of time in my car for my work and having these podcasts has made all those hours in the car extremely rewarding! I have in a relatively short time found myself being able to integrate much of the material into my life, and while I still have a long way to go in my own healing process, I feel like I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for this gift you have given all of us Cynthia, it is deeply appreciated!!
— Scott

SO helpful.
— Susie

I’ve been listening to all of your podcasts and I love your comments accompanying the ACIM abstract text concepts. You really manage to make the Acim principles very accessible to a greater audience. Congratulations!!!
— Dirk

Cynthia’s podcasts of each chapter clarifies nuanced passages. Thank you, Cynthia.
— Anne

I cannot get enough of your podcasts! You have a way with the Course and I love them so much I often listen to them more than once a day on my long commute. Thank you so much for doing them! I really appreciate your perspective!!! I look forward to every Tuesday now!!
— Samantha

I just found your podcast and I love it! I was so angry with the whole dream concept I stayed away but I think I can study this now thanks to your podcasts. Thank you.
— Stephanie

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. I discovered it about a month ago and I’m already on episode 46.
— Denise

I’ve been listening for a few weeks and today listened to the last podcast:) I was so happy when I found your podcast, thank you for your dedication, WOW.
— Lola

Super podcast. I really enjoy listening and learning from Cynthia. She is very knowledgeable and in my opinion has a very in depth understanding of ACIM. I value her explanations of the text. I will be a regular podcast listener.
— S.R.

I wish to commend you on the enlightening way in which you choose to explain the Text in detail. Your patience and dedication is exemplary, and much appreciated. I am eternally grateful.
— Isabella

Your podcasts offer a very gentle, non-preachy discussion of the Course. Thank you so much!
— Richard

Thank you Cynthia for sharing what A Course in Miracles text means to you; your observations have cleared up several questions in my own mind.
— Marilyn

I am thrilled to be able to sit back and listen to the text via your voice. It allows my mind to relax into it from a less analytical point of reference (my buddy the ego) while I do my Yoga or lay with my dog! How awesome is that? Perfection! THANK YOU!
— Debbie
I listen faithfully every Tuesday, I look forward to it. This morning especially it was, like another reviewer wrote, just what I needed. I appreciate Cynthia’s interpretation of the Course very much and thank her for doing this podcast!
— Mila

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your dedication to the podcast - I owe 100% of my course study to your work and would be totally avoiding any ACIM diligence if it weren’t for the podcast. I’ve been struggling with the course for over 5 years and can say with absolute certainty that I’d still be floundering if it weren’t for your podcast uploads every Tuesday to keep me on track. I consider you my go-to course teacher and hear *your* voice in the back of my head when I’m dealing with the course - both in the text and out in the real (or illusory :P) world! Thanks again for everything you do Cynthia!! It is overwhelmingly appreciated :) :)
— Dana

Great job, enjoying it immensely.
— Russell

I have been listening, and enjoying, your podcasts. They serve as a wonderful and needed reinforcement, and explanation of what I sometimes struggle to understand. Thank you for taking the time and expending the effort to record your podcasts. They are very helpful.
— Ralph

I really enjoy your podcasts; they are helping me a lot. Thank you for doing this. You are making a difference to me and my ACIM journey.
— Susan

I’ve had the privilege of being one of Cynthia’s clients and taken her workshops — she’s healed some very deep wounds. This is yet another gift of healing, for it is through Cynthia’s perfectly articulated and unbiased words in this podcast that I have come to know “A Course in Miracles.” After binge listening (oh, how I was spoilt!) through a few of the first few months that I had missed; I now anxiously await each week’s lesson. To summarize, it teaches to forgo your ego to join (or forgive, understand, etc.) others and thus create more happiness, health, and abundance. It always seems VERY relevant to the events in the world (especially now!), and to not be so defensive, to see other’s point of view. I’ve received many a comment that I am a happier, changed and wholly improved person. If all people would convert to this way of thinking, there would be peace on earth. Aside from my family and my health, this is one of the top “things” I’ll be saying “Thanks” for this Thanksgiving.
— Alana

Want you to know how overjoyed I am to be one of your “course friends.” Your reading of the text is the first time that I could read it consistently and already I see the benefits. Thanks so much. You are a God-send, i.e. a manifestation of a miracle through the Holy Spirit!!!
— Carletta

I am almost believing that I may be finally understanding the course. Keep up the excellent work.
— Ed

Thank you so much for your podcasts. I am very new to A Course in Miracles and your almost line by line explanations are so helpful. I felt led to tell you that your teachings are very much appreciated and are a source of inspiration. I know a lot must go into preparing for these podcasts and wanted you to know that they do make a difference in someone’s life. Thank you for your work and following what the Holy Spirit leads you to do!
— Karen

Very enlightening and refreshing podcast.
— D.I.

I’m a regular follower of your podcast which I listen to on the beautiful island of Majorca in the Mediterranean Sea. I started listening by chance in October 2014. I had heard of the Course for the first time a few weeks before and I felt curious about it. I went on to type ‘A Course in Miracles’ searching for podcasts and for some reason you stood out for me. So far I have never seen a copy of the text book or lessons of ACIM. I just love listening to you, and don’t really see the point in getting a hard copy for now. I have gone through every chapter several times, and I’m now up to date. I feel like I have found the exact tool I needed to reconnect with the what Really Exists. Thank you so much for sharing!
— Silvana

Thank you for your weekly podcast I am really enjoying listening as you read and express your interpretation of the text. I have listened to at least 40 podcasts and I appreciate the time you take to produce these.
— Kate

You podcasts are just what I have been looking and hoping for. Straightforward, clear, spoken with experience with the Course, even the theme music is good! Thank you. Looking forward to learning more.
— Christine

Thank you for your podcast!
— Scarlett

I’ve been a student of the Course for a little over a year now. I’ve read numerous books (understatement) about the Course and participated in several online courses and seminars. But, these podcast have been the most help to me so far. Thank you for making it easier to understand and absorb the text. Please keep the podcasts coming. Thanks again.
— Mareka

I was listening to your podcasts a while ago, but finishing my college education and the course load took me away. I am starting over right now! Thank you for what you do!
— Stephie

I just wanted to say thank you for posting your podcasts on the ACIM. It has inspired me and I am now reading through/doing the course. It’s nice to have someone along the journey!!
— Kathryn

I’ve listened to all your podcasts, some of them several times and always enjoy them.
— Christine

I am really enjoying your podcasts Cynthia! They have really filled in the blanks for me.
— Colleen

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful podcast. You explain the principles so eloquently. I’ve shared your podcast with others who struggle with its concepts. I look forward to working through the book again with your guidance. Many thanks.
— Louise

I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for years, and have listened to hundreds of hours of talks from some of the most prominent teachers of the Course. I would put Cynthia’s podcasts up there with the best of the best. She’s a fresh voice, and a true inspiration to listen to.
— Jim

Cynthia is concise, accepting, knowledgable and thorough. I understand the text on a deeper level thanks to her podcasts.
— Craig

I’ve listened to a couple of your podcasts on the Course and really enjoyed them. You’re a great speaker, in general, and on the Course in particular. Especially after listening to you break down each sentence of the Course so brilliantly! Inspiring.
— Jim