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Cynthia is truly a light at the end of the tunnel.
— K. S.

Working with and knowing Cynthia over the last several years has profoundly changed my life. Since I started seeing Cynthia, I am convinced that hypnosis is the most cost-effective and efficient way to change your life – more so than any other form of psychotherapy. Hypnosis quickly lets you access your subconscious, and therefore reprogram your mind so that thoughts and stories that aren’t serving a productive purpose in your life are replaced with ones that are. Cynthia takes the time and care with clients to help them change the way they think. 

As most psychotherapists would say, when you change the way you think, it changes everything – in both the conscious and unconscious mind.  Cynthia’s skill with hypnosis is careful, thoughtful, extremely directed, and overwhelmingly effective. Each time I am hypnotized by Cynthia I come away with a more profound understanding of myself and my experiences. But, equally important is Cynthia’s work in asking the right questions and probing areas both before and after hypnosis. This makes the work she does both comprehensive and lasting. The time I have spent with Cynthia, in addition to the resources she’s introduced me to, has brought about the most illuminating, significant self-discovery I’ve ever experienced.  
— T. Tamler

Cynthia not only assisted me in discovering and working through the things had been holding me back in my life, she skillfully helped me to actualize my dreams.
— K. McCormick

Total Transformation is the only way I can describe my work with Cynthia. She is a supremely gifted healer. I had been seeing a traditional therapist for months with zero results when I found Cynthia. After only a few sessions I had a new lease on life, more confidence and a definite direction. Years later I am living a life I truly love. I found my purpose in life, love my work, have a beautiful relationship, and can honestly say I would not be where I am today had it not been for my work with Cynthia. I am a firm believer that EVERYONE would benefit from hypnotherapy if it’s with the right therapist.
— T. Tuenge

Cynthia is an extraordinary person, intelligent and with a perspective on what is important that is truly remarkable. The authenticity and openness which is part of her character and the enthusiasm that she portrays in all she does is always an encouragement. An aura of nonjudgmental love and understanding surrounds Cynthia creating the atmosphere of trust that is vital to and contributes to her effectiveness in the field of hypnotherapy. I feel very fortunate for her influence in my life and have no doubt that she will have a positive effect on anyone she comes in contact with.
— C. Koehn

Cynthia is blessed with wisdom beyond her years. She possesses a wonderful ability to tune into her clients and quickly distill the “problem” for them, thereby reframing it into something to learn from and to heal.
— R. Sara

I started working with Cynthia a year ago, and as one who has explored traditional therapy in the past, it is refreshing to work within her unique method of hypnotherapy. I say unique because, as generously “informal” and friendly as the sessions feel (like talking to an old friend), it is apparent that she knows exactly how to help and pinpoint the very things that need to be worked on in each session, effectively. She has become my life-mentor, in a way, as not only is she highly skilled and the very best at her work, but she also “walks the talk” and has inspired me in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Cynthia!
— A.

My first thought when my friend gave me a hypnotherapy session for my birthday was “Ok, but it will never work”. I mean, I couldn’t even get through five minutes of meditation without my brain racing. But from the minute that I walked through Cynthia’s door, I felt safe. Besides being incredibly knowledgeable and good at her job, Cynthia is profoundly intuitive. In our second session, she foretold the demise of a friendship which was a pillar in my life and at that point, didn’t even have any cracks in the road. Today, that road is demolished and I am still standing — in large part thanks to our work together.

Going down the rabbit hole with Cynthia has been life-altering. She has taught me tools to deal with my anxiety and having discovered my deepest fears, I have learned not only how to honor them, but how to heal. She is truly a light at the end of the tunnel.
— K. Stuart

Cynthia: What a difference you have made to my life! Since meeting you I have not had any headaches. It’s unbelievable. I can’t remember the last time I went without a headache in 14 days. It has already changed my life. I’m a true believer! Thank you so much for all your help. You’re divine.
— A. Ratia

I came into to see Cynthia out of desperation. I never would have considered going to hypnotherapy unless someone had recommended it, and her, to me. To be honest, I thought what a sad loser I was to have to turn to hypnotherapy to cure my blushing problem. But I can definitely say I have taken a 180 turn on that view of hypnotherapy. I really wasn’t sure what to think when I came in, but after meeting Cynthia for the first time I felt totally at ease. Cynthia is a really friendly, calming, positive person who, before hypnotherapy even started, I felt was going to help me. It sounds corny but it really has changed my life. I can’t imagine now not going to hypnotherapy or having Cynthia in my life.

I always thought I would blush for the rest of my life and just had to get on and deal with it, but that is not the case for me anymore. Thanks to Cynthia. She is an amazing person who not only has cured me of my blushing and a flying anxiety but opened my mind to a world of possibilities and other things to explore. I am a much calmer and happier person and, having taken blushing out of my life, I feel that I can now truly live.

I really cannot imagine not having hypnotherapy sessions with Cynthia. I am still amazed at how much Cynthia’s hypnotherapy has changed my life. I couldn’t think of going to another hypnotherapist and getting the same results. Cynthia is really working the magic here. Cynthia, rather than the hypnotherapy, is the real reason I am where I am today.
— S. Reid

Coming from a long career in the pharmaceutical and medical field, I was doubtful I could benefit from hypnotherapy. I barely understand the concept of hypnotherapy, far less any specific techniques. I remember discussing my skepticism with Cynthia prior to my first hypnotherapy session. In addition to the awkwardness of Cynthia knowing me personally, I told her I doubted she could get me to relax enough for the session to be effective. After all, if I could relax so easily, I wouldn’t be seeking help for an agitated, depressed mood, caused by my constant thoughts of my failed relationship. I remember Cynthia telling me to let her worry about that part, and that she was very good at what she does. She was right! My first session with Cynthia was hugely successful, and I was surprised by the feelings and thoughts I was able to recall and articulate… things that were meaningful in helping address my problems and move towards a more peaceful and happier state of being. Our next sessions we’re equally effective, and now after a few months, I’m in a much better place, not escaping through sleeping or anti-anxiety pills, and functioning the way I want to be.

I know my progress hasn’t been achieved by hypnotherapy techniques alone, but with the combination of Cynthia’s personalized approach, spirituality, and genuine desire to heal others. In addition to our sessions, Cynthia has made many helpful recommendations that have allowed me to continue progress at my own speed (ranging from mediation practices, EFT techniques, books to reads, and lectures to attend). Cynthia has done wonders for my wellbeing and perspective in a short amount of time. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to cure themselves of depression and enjoy life more fully.  
— J. Stephens

My hypnotherapy sessions with Cynthia demonstrated that hypnotherapy is an effective and efficient method for addressing issues in my life. After a single session, I overcame a fear of public speaking that had caused me great anxiety. In addition to being an impressive therapist, Cynthia’s warm and soothing nature eased my apprehension about being hypnotized for the first time.
— T. Mitzner, PhD.

Fifteen years on the Psychiatrist couch couldn’t cure me of social phobias so intense that to go to business meetings with Studio Executives or Movie Stars I had to take 10mg of Xanax (a powerful tranquilizer). Thanks to one session with Cynthia, I am now able to breeze through these formerly high-stress situations without the aid of drugs. 

Since going through other hypnotherapy sessions with Cynthia, I also no longer drink; binge eat; or gamble. I am not a totally healed person. But the deeply held grudges, unfulfilled longings and disappointments that have ruled my life since I was a small child are lifting as the result of hypnotherapy. Because of Cynthia’s professional skill and insight, I can honestly say I am a better and happier human being. 
— D. Weisberg

The work that I have done with Cynthia Morgan has changed my life! I was extremely skeptical that hypnosis would work for me. After my first session with Cynthia, I was a believer! She has done an AMAZING job of explaining and guiding me through some core issues that I had been carrying around my entire life. I have lost weight, my anxiety is gone, life seems so much clearer than ever before. Her hypnotherapy sessions and the valuable tools that she has taught me are priceless. Cynthia is truly passionate and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Cynthia!  

— R. Lopez

As in any other profession, there are some bad apples in the field of hypnotism. My first experience was with one of those bad apples, but I decided to try it again, because I am aware of the evidence that exists supporting the practice and its efficacy. I found Cynthia, and learned that the evidence was right on the money. My sessions with Cynthia went above and beyond my expectations. I realized I was healed from other issues, ones that were not even directly addressed. So I say “Yes! Support Hypnotism!”  
— A. Stinger

I am in my mid-sixties and have fought a losing battle all my life with weight problems. Some months ago, Cynthia Morgan put me through a series of hypnotic sessions for weight control. After the sessions were completed, I expected a quick fix and after a number of weeks I had began to doubt the effectiveness of hypnosis on me. Then one morning about five weeks later, I woke up and realized something in my consciousness had changed. I knew with certainty I was going to change my eating habits that very day. I did not “psych myself,” or make a conscious decision. This was not a “will-power” issue but a change deep within me, a heart-felt desire to alter my lifestyle for my own health. From that morning on I began a modest exercise program along with a real change in my eating regime. I have to date lost 24 pounds and know that I shall not be trading this state of mind for my former one. Thank you, Cynthia!
— B. Brawley

I’ve known Cynthia for a number of years and she has been my spiritual mentor of sorts.  I was very skeptical about trying hypnotherapy because I had tried it in the past with someone else and it “didn’t work”. What I think makes Cynthia so unique and such a great hypnotherapist is that she has such an extensive knowledge and passion for spirituality and for how the mind works. Through hypnosis and EFT, she has helped me with my bad eating habits, instilled self-confidence, and completely cured my fear of public speaking. I feel like there’s no one I trust more.
— D. John

Cynthia, thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the help you gave me about the anger and grief I have held for so many years.

I have had several years of therapy off and on the past 30 years regarding the anger and grief I have held regarding my family. Nothing seemed to resolve my problem. Then I heard about Cynthia Morgan. She was doing hypnotherapy, so I decided to give it a try. I did six sessions with her and it has changed my life. I no longer feel angry about the things that happened in my past regarding my family, and I have come away with a real sense of peace with it. It’s wonderful to finally put that grief and anger to rest after all of these years. I couldn’t have resolved this without her gentle and caring help. She is truly a wonderful hypnotherapist.
— J. Brawley

A session with Cynthia is soothing, subtle, surprising and transformational, leading to insights that are otherwise inaccessible.
— J. Arnold

After only six sessions with Cynthia my life began to change for the better. I am still feeling the year later! That sounds really corny, but it’s true. I am still feeling the effects from our sessions. My weight is down. My productivity at work is up...not to mention all the other areas in my life that have begun to heal thanks to my time with Cynthia.
— G. Naccarato

In two sessions with Cynthia, I was able to end 10 years of insomnia. It’s been wonderful!
— S. Daudet

Hypnotherapy serves as an instruction manual for the mind. Integrating this practice into my life has been liberating and empowering. Cynthia Morgan is naturally adept as a teacher and practitioner of this type of therapy. Sessions with Cynthia have given me the tools I need to understand how my brain works and the ability to change my life.
— S. McNaughton

I must admit, I came to hypnotherapy a bit skeptical, but by working with Cynthia Morgan I found that I have benefited in more ways than I could have imagined. My background is in psychology, and I have a great deal of confidence in that approach to solving problems and gaining insight into our own feelings and behavior. In many ways, that’s why I have been so impressed by my work with Cynthia. At the outset of each session, Cynthia and I would discuss a wide array of issues that were on weighing on my mind.  She has an amazing ability to take in all this information and craft a unique, one of a kind session designed to help me. The sessions themselves have been both fascinating and effective. I found them insightful, uplifting and empowering. I feel truly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Cynthia and benefit from her kindness, her support and her extraordinary expertise.
— B. Rosenblum

From the first time I laid back on Cynthia’s chair, I just knew that she had my absolute best interests at heart, and I knew that it would be a powerful experience. Since that time, I have had many hypnotherapy sessions with Cynthia, and as a result, my life is totally transformed from within. With one session, I was able to deeply contact and begin to move through an issue that took years of struggle in my adult life to come to grips with. ONE SESSION!

Cynthia is graceful. She is authentic. In every session with her I have FELT a powerful conviction from her that a healing WILL TAKE PLACE. Her skill and energy goes far beyond the title of being a hypnotherapist. She is a POWERFUL FORCE for healing and awakening in a world often turned upside down in chaos and insanity. The results of my sessions with her have gone far beyond my conscious understanding. A deep and continuous process of healing continues.

Words are totally insufficient as a means to describe how I have changed as a result of my sessions with Cynthia. Receiving sessions from her continues to be a privilege, and after each one, I am transformed even more.

D. Peebles

A few sessions with Cynthia gave me insights on some major issues in my life that years of psychotherapy never did. I now have a greater respect for the healing potential of hypnotherapy.
— C.P.

Hypnotherapy is awesome and has completely changed my life! I don’t even know where to begin having a chronic illness sometimes makes life very stressful and hard to deal with for me. Hypnotherapy has helped me see that there is always an answer to every problem, and that everything can always be overcome. Cynthia is an amazing therapist! Her gentle nature is very calming. I have tried other forms of psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy has by far been the most effective method for addressing not only my emotional issues, but my physical issues as well!
— C. Morris

I went to Cynthia to quit a 15-year smoking addiction, and I did. (Thank you Cynthia!) The remarkable thing is that the sessions went far beyond smoking. She also helped me get clear on other areas of my life that had been troubling me. I will be going back to Cynthia for as long as she is practicing hypnotherapy. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment to see her. You will not regret it.
— B.

If you have any sort of physical or mental condition (disease/illness/ailment/pain/phobia or whatever you’d like to call it) and are ready and willing to change this and your life, Cynthia Morgan will make you able to do it. With her unique style of heartfelt and intuitive hypnotherapy, she will help you overcome the obstacles that have been hidden deep inside you. And your condition will be no more.

She is quite possibly the most brilliant, intuitive, loving and beautiful person you will ever meet.
— S. Mar