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5 Things to Do Under Tomorrow's Supermoon

PREFACE: I've been obsessed with the moon since before I knew it was written in my name. My middle name is Selene, which in Greek Mythology is the "Goddess of the Moon." Selene was also known as Cynthia, because she was born on Mount Cynthus. I don't think my dad knew this when he named me Cynthia Selene, but I'll have to check. On top of all that, the moon rules the subconscious, which I'm also obsessed with, being a hypnotherapist. So that's a long-winded way of saying here's another moon post. 

We haven't seen a Supermoon this super since 1948! Tomorrow, Monday November 14th, the moon will be the closest it's been to earth since most us have been alive. (It will be closest and fullest at 8:52 a.m. EST.) The moon has a deep subconscious effect, we can see its power in action by the powerful ocean's changing tides. This Supermoon is stirring things, and that makes it a great time to stimulate the change you desire in your own life. (We will continue to feel the moon's energy a couple of days before and a couple of days after.) Here are five Supermoon rituals to align yourself with this opportunity.

1. Meditate on Abundance

This particular Supermoon is in Taurus, which rules money. Meditate on opening yourself to receive more money. Repeat "I deserve money." Or "Money flows to me." Or "I am abundant." Just pick one and repeat it all day long. As a hypnotherapist, I prefer simple, short affirmations. If you have enough money, meditate on how you can be of service to the world with your money, or affirm, "I use my money for the good of all."

2. Release the Old

A Supermoon is the beginning of a new phase. What better way to make room for the new than to release the old? Clear out clutter; throw away or donate clothes, books, housewares you don't need; give worn sheets, towels and blankets to an animal shelter, release a friendship that doesn't serve a higher purpose for you anymore, drink more water so you pee out more toxins, you get the idea. Just clear the way!

3. Journal Your Desires

This Supermoon is coinciding with the winding down of our 2016 calendar year. Take a moment to write in your journal (or iPhone) your desires for the rest of this year. What do you want to accomplish before year's end? What do you need to do to achieve that? Who do you want to be in 2017?

4. Smudge Your Home 

I love to smudge! Smudging is the use of dried sage sticks to cleanse and clear the energy of your home/office/car/wherever. (Purchase here on Amazon, just in time for tomorrow.) I smudge about twice a year. The Supermoon is a very favorable time for smudging.

5. Moonbathe Your Crystals (and Yourself!)

Pick out your favorite quartz crystal. What? You don't have one?! Okay, I've got you covered. Go here and buy some on Amazon Prime to be delivered tomorrow (and if it's the next day, that's fine too. Moonbeams will still be in effect from the Supermoon energy). Once you have your crystal(s), run it under cold water and then set it in the moon's light overnight to be supercharged. It's kinda magical. Once charged, place it on your nightstand while you sleep or hold it as a meditation stone. I like to put them all around our house. If you prefer rose quartz, you could purchase a little pyramid like this. Or indulge in a necklace to wear. Not into crystals? No worries! Bathe yourself in moonbeams. Is it private enough and warm enough where you live to sit outside (preferably naked or semi-naked!) and soak up the moon's energy? Then that'd be amazing, and definitely what you ought to do! If not, just let the top of your head and your face soak in those good moonbeams. 


We have so much support! The universe is on your side urging you towards healing, growth, greater wellbeing and success, and Mother Nature bends to kiss your forehead, blessing you with everything she has. Spend a moment in gratitude for what you do have, and open yourself to what you could have.